Sunday, July 26, 2009

jumaat, sabtu, ahad yang lalu..

venue:Sri Johor "apartment"
mood: koyak rabak

Lama sungguh rasanya tak update blog nih. sangat busy dengan kerja je. owh..dikesempatan ini, aku nak sedekah Al-Fatihah ke atas pemergian Yasmin Ahmad. even dia bukanlah one of my fave director, but i admit she's very talented. Al- Fatihah...

Hurm..mane nak start...this weeken is a very damn best gile....malas nak gitau ape aku buat. tengok je la pic2 kat bawah ye...sile scrolll....

1st activity: Rock Climbing, Gunung Damai
*jom tengok bontot orang*

awek ni beginner cam aku gak. tapi dia 1st time climb. tengah gayat2 lg tu...aku da berani dahh...(belagak gile)

ni la route yang aku nak try climb. tapi x berjaya. sebab sangat tinggi dan susah. hasilnye..aku punye kecederaan hari tu agak parah. lutut aku luka, lebam. padan muke. sapa suruh pakai short
2nd activity: Aviation Exhitibition
Venue: Malaysia Institute Aviation Technology (MIAT, Sepang)
*jom tengok kapal terbang pulak*

diorang charge 1 kepale naik helikopter RM90. aku xde duit so next time je la ye aku naik..

malas gile aku nak letak caption. korang tengok pic sudah. aku tau koramg pon malas nak bace
3rd activity: GOLF (golongan orang lemah fikiran)
venue: Tun Hussien Onn
*golf susah gile. siyes. dan aku tak paham camne dorg boleh panggil Golf ni sebagai sukan*

ni die instructor aku. haha...aku baraikan golf set die.tengok tu cara professional main. jauh gile die pukul tuuu.....capai gak le 200meter

ahahhhh...korang ketawekan la care aku main. memang agak bangang. susah gile..tangan aku sakit. sakit climbing pun tak abes lagi. 50meter pon aku x lepas. memang susah main golf ni. siyes!

ni la die muke orang kecundang main golf
ni la die padang golf tu. besepah-sepah bola golf. apa yang dapat???tangan aku sakit. peluh keluar sikit je. muke plak makin itam. muscle pun dah naik. next week kene dok umah. putihkan balik badan. ahahhhaha....
**betol gak tu**

Saturday, July 18, 2009

this is what i call A W E S O M E!

home swet home
mood: numb & exhausted

Last 2 weeks friend of mine ask me to join him for wall climbing. what else i can say?absolutely yes!we going to Mad Monkey in Wangsa Maju. Ihave to pay RM15 for being the member & i got a member card for the rest of my life. beside me, Eky also inviting 1 of his ofcmate Shahril. and its really supprising me when he brought his daughter name Yaya too. she's sooo cute and adorable. and the best part she only speak in Eng. btw she's only 3 yrs old. well, malay nowadays had trained their kids to speak in Eng. it's obviously diff with me when i was their age. i only learn when i was in scholl and keep listening to eng song which is more effective to compare with my teacher in school.

Mad Monkey actly is an indoor park which is in a shop lot. the owner provide some kind like bed to avoid the player got injured during climb the wall. and the condition also very relax. got air-cond, we can climb all over the wall.

this is Mad Monkey. the hook all over the wall. we may climb where ever we want

haha...who else?this is me. the first timer climber. pardon me, i love taking pic. even high is my biggest fear

introduce to u...yaya the climber. she's cute isn't she?

erm...please add caption here
well...yesterday Eky did call me and ask me to have wall climbing in OU. i said yes because i got nothing to do this weekend. to make this story shorter, they had prank me! we are not going to OU but we're going to Gunung Damai in Batu Caves. yes. we are going to climb the real rock!. no bed, no aircond, no music! at 1st, i was just look at them who are Otai than me. and i'm decided not to climb. but my friend keep influenced and whisper to me "rugi gile ko x climb". damn it! u poison me Eky?how dare u! and finally....i've tried my best and the i've fight my fear. the result is unbelievable. I AM PROUD WITH MYSELF!

here are the otai climber.i don't even know thier name. hehe..but they good

this is my instructor

this is Eky. this is his 2nd time climb the real rock

introduce to you Nadirah the climber. i almost give up at quater. unfortunately they did not record it otherwise u can see my leg keep shaking.

honestly it's really hard to suit your body and get the right position. i have to trust myself and listen to my instructor

forgot to tell u. the time i was climb, i am wearing my gediks outfit. because i thought i wont get dirt upside so i did not change my outfit. but i was totally wrong

this is my fave pic. seriously. i feel like i am the professional climber. btw the road i've climb yesterday is the new road. they just open it and guess what? i'm the 1st women who climb it. huhuww...and eky's add that the road i've climb is the 2nd stage for the newest climber like me. basically i have to try try the easiest way 1st.hurm...what can i say. i'm gooooooooooooddddddddd....hahahha....

can u see the small point over there? that's me ok...i've assumed the height is about 10 floor of apartment. really high. really..

i almost get there. can u see the red tab? i've to climbed until there

i did it! yes i did it! the feeling is like...undescribeable. i really proud with myself. u can say whatever i want. but i did do something that not everyone can do

it's time to climb down. good job Nad!