Saturday, July 11, 2009

do u?

This pic was taken on Friday, 10 July 2009. did u notice anything? focus to my thigh. it's getting bigger & bigger! my current weight are 48.5 kg. i dunno wat to do anymore. i think my right thigh takes 3 kg and so another. some say my body from up to waist is sooo perfect. when it come to bottom....they speechless!arggghhhhhhhhh....what should i do?last week i did fasting 4 days just to less my weight. beside that, i ate in small portion, avoid dinner, keep walking in the office..what else??it's effective but it's doesn't soo effective to my drumstick. i've decided to con't fasting until end of Rejab, until i can
wear again my old levis jeans 25cm size on the waist. do u think i can do it? do u?


  1. should satisfy with,accept 4 what u r..dont think about other people say..we cannot shut their mouth..haha..4 me u r pretty n cute(ikhlas ni)..hehehe

  2. tks tks m_areel (bangge nih...ahahahahah~


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