Friday, July 10, 2009

gol & gincu

saturday, 2.51pm
home sweet home
mood: thankful

I was a fan-hard-to-die this movee. but to be honest, the 1st time i heard the title of this movee, do u noe wat i say?? "dah takde tajuk lain ke diorang nak choose?". but at the end, i have to admit GOL & GINCU is superb! two thumbs up for the director! it's began when 1 of my hsemate was accidentally bought the pirate vcd (oops!kantoi).then i have to watched it moreover i got nothing to do the whole week. from my observation the movee have family value, friendship, life..and the most important thing is love. i love fazura so much! i agreed she is soooo gedik. but i think she is being herself even in or out of film. if u don't agree with me, i dun care either! hahaha...and start from that, i'm being 1 of the follower of this movee bcos they decide to switch this movee into drama series.huhuwww...dats wat i wanted to!i have to admit me & puteri have some similar. we do stupid things to win "the stupid guy" back. maybe i was too addict with these series. i also dunno why i did all those things. when i think bout it, i feel like totally stupid sambil "tepuk dahi".let's laugh to yourself Nad! but the diff between me & puteri is i'm still on my own but i have my angel which is all my beloved friends who surrounding me all the time when i need them no matter what. beside them, i have my true love, my creator, who heard all my words, who never give up with me, who i forgot for the last 3 yrs when i was deeply in love.
from Rasulullah s.a.w.:
"Allah telah mentakdirkan segalanya dan apa yang Ia kehendaki pasti akan terjadi"
Thank You Allah!

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